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A New Year

January 02, 2010
Here we go again! This year I have vowed to write a TON and get back into my Improv Acting here in Detroit. I have also vowed to tryout for at least 3 movies. Should be easy enoughs so many movies are being shot in the Detroit area these days. What won't be easy is honestly saying I can do anything. I certainly can't afford to quit my day job right now. So I will really focus on doing a little stand-up and a whole lot of writing this year.

Another day another Dog Fight!

October 07, 2009
Aw look. I already missed a day. not a very good start to my re-start on life. in fact I have also fallen off my diet a bit and have not exercised like I had intended. I blame it on the huge headache I have had for the past 2 days, but maybe I have the headache because I fell off my diet and didn't excursive! At any rate, I plan on going for a nice long walk tonight.

I let my dog out this morning and she went under our back deck and promptly started barking at some kind of an animal. I imagine it was either a possum or a raccoon, but what ever the case it was getting ugly with hissing and barking and yelping going on. My wife and oldest daughter ran down to help me get the dog. We enticed her with some Salami slices and finally got her to come out of their and into the house. Of course, it was immediately decided that I should block all entrances below the deck (currently open under the two stairs. Great.

Work is driving me crazy. I am woefully over-worked. Way too many balls to juggle and I live in constant fear that I am going to drop one! Early mornings, late evenings and a number of conference calls late at night with Asia during the week. Plus side, got my new Taurus this week and it is incredible. I love gadgets and it is like having a new gadget with all of the bells and whistles. Nav/Sync system is fantastic!

Jury Duty tomorrow in Detroit. Should generate something interesting to write on here.

Back at it....again

October 05, 2009
Woke up this morning with a knot in my stomach. I have Jury Duty this Thursday in Downtown Detroit. I am all for doing my civic duty as a good citizen, but I was just down their last year and it was not pleasant. I am glad I was dismissed as the potential case was for sexual molestation. I don't think I could have handled that.

On the plus side that made me stop thinking about work so much. I went away up to my cottage this weekend all by myself. While there I did some serious sole searching and realized the best way to handle my current bout with depression is to address the root cause or causes. One is to get back in shape and lose this extra weight I have let accumulate. Next is to start back on the track of following my dreams. just TRYING to follow my dreams makes me happier. Hence, here I am , back writing again. Granted this is not a very interesting or exciting entry, but it is the first in a very long time and I hope the first of many more to come.

Writing is like anything else, practice, practice, practice and you will improve.

I am also going to take some time to pull together a few other projects I have been wanting to tackle. I need to pull together some of the stand-up material I have laying around and hit an open mic night. Get back involved with Improv and maybe tryout for some acting parts. not hard to do any of these things, unless I am too busy laying around feeling sorry for myself.

So there you go. back writing and hopefully putting something interesting on here now and then, but for the most part...practicing.

Sports Talk Radio

September 23, 2009
You know what sucks about Sports Talk Radio?
Everything! But mostly the idiots who call in.


February 03, 2009
Test from my iPod

At long last!

August 07, 2007
I have been on hiatus for long time now and decided it might be time to get back on here.

I plan on starting to write about my experience taking Improv classes at Second City. I am currently enrolled in level B classes in the Detroit Training Center. Prior to signing up for level A I looked for some information out there to get a feel for what it was like to take these classes and I was disappointed when I came up with nothing. So if you are considering taking a class in Improv, here is a little attempt at explaining what it is like.

I will start with explaining a little about myself and a little about my classmates without actually identifying them. I will also give you a report out on what kinds of things we did in level A and will do my best to post a new post every Tuesday night to let you know how things went in the Monday night class.

Stay Tuned!

BNL Rules!

December 13, 2006
I love the Barenaked ladies and I really love that they get the Internet.

Enjoy this video submitted by their fans...